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By M. Kumar, J. A. Ansari, A. K. Saroj, R. Saxena, and Devesh

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In this paper a novel design of microstrip fed L-shaped arm slot and notch loaded RMPA (Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna) with mended ground plane for wide bandwidth is presented. The proposed prototype antenna is fabricated on an FR-4 (Fire retardant) substrate with dimension 30×30.8 mm2 and 1.6 mm thickness. The proposed design is analyzed and simulated using high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) tool version 15. The analysed results are validated through fabrication and measurement results. The analyzed result shows 96.1% maximum radiation efficiency at 2.9 GHz whereas overall efficiency is more than 85% over the entire frequency range and experiment achieves gain 8.4 dB at 7 GHz. The designed antenna achieves 119.39% impedance bandwidth with more than 5 dB gain over the operating frequency range of 2.41 GHz to 9.55 GHz. For better performance and analysis of proposed antenna, a parametric study has been carried out to analyze the effects of variations in the following --- slot and notch dimensions loaded on the patch as well as variations in ground length. The designed antenna can be utilized for various applications incorporating Bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Max, and UWB operation.

M. Kumar, J. A. Ansari, A. K. Saroj, R. Saxena, and Devesh, "A Novel Microstrip Fed L-Shaped Arm Slot and Notch Loaded RMPA with Mended Ground Plane for Bandwidth Improvement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 95, 47-57, 2019.

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