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By P. A. Owolawi and K. O. Odeyemi

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In this paper, the outage probability performance of energy harvesting based partial relay selection aided non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) system under outdated channel state information is studied. The source to relays link is assumed to follow Rayleigh fading distribution while the relay nodes to users are subjected to Nakagami-m distribution. The relay nodes employ an energy harvesting power splitting-based relaying protocol to transmit the source information to the users.At the destination, each user is equipped with multiple antennas, and maximum ratio combining is considered for signal reception. In order to evaluate the system performance, the outage probability closed-form expression for the concerned system is derived. The results demonstrate the significant impact of system and channel parameters on the system performance. In addition, the advantage of NOMA over the conventional orthogonal multiple access is also presented. Finally, the accuracy of the derived outage expression is validated through the Monte-Carlo simulation.

P. A. Owolawi and K. O. Odeyemi, "On the Outage Performance of Partial Relay Selection Aided NOMA System with Energy Harvesting and Outdated CSI Over Non-Identical Channels," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 95, 107-117, 2019.

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