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By P. A. Kadam and A. A. Deshmukh

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A new design of dual and triple band rectangular microstrip antennas employing modified ground plane profiles is proposed. Slots introduced in the ground plane not only tune the higher order mode resonance frequency of the radiating patch but also alter the current distributions on the ground which yields multi-band response showing reduced cross polar level radiation pattern. Dual and triple band antennas yield 1 to 2% of impedance bandwidth at each frequency with gain around 1.5 to 2 dBi. Also in the multi-band design, 35% reduction in patch size against the conventional half wavelength counterpart is obtained. Further resonant length formulation at modified patch modes is presented which gives closer prediction of calculated frequency than the simulated value. The proposed multi-band design can find applications in personal communications systems requiring frequency agile capabilities.

P. A. Kadam and A. A. Deshmukh, "Modified Ground Plane Multi-Band Rectangular Microstrip Antennas with Reduced Cross Polar Radiation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 100, 59-71, 2020.

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