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A Uapo-Based Solution for the Scattering by a Lossless Double-Negative Metamaterial Slab

By Gianluca Gennarelli and Giovanni Riccio
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 8, 207-220, 2009


A closed form solution is here proposed for evaluating the field diffracted by the edge of a lossless, isotropic and homogeneous double-negative metamaterial slab when illuminated by a plane wave at skew incidence. It is obtained by considering a Physical Optics approximation of the electric and magnetic equivalent surface currents in the radiation integral and by performing a uniform asymptotic evaluation of this last. The final expression is given in terms of the Geometrical Optics response of the structure and the standard transition function of the Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction, so that it results easy to handle and simple to implement in a computer code. As demonstrated by numerical tests, it allows one to compensate the discontinuities of the Geometrical Optics field at the reflection and incidence shadow boundaries. Moreover, the accuracy of the solution is well assessed by means of comparisons with a commercial tool based on Finite Element Method.


Gianluca Gennarelli and Giovanni Riccio, "A Uapo-Based Solution for the Scattering by a Lossless Double-Negative Metamaterial Slab," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 8, 207-220, 2009.


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