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By K. Grayaa

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In this paper, a level set method for shape reconstruction problems is considered. By measuring the scattered field, we tried to retrieve the localisation and permittivity of buried objects. The forward problem is solved by the method of moments. For solving the inverse problem, we adopt an evolution approach. Therefore, we introduce a level set technique witch is flexible in handling complex shape changes. A conjugate gradient-based method is used in order to define iterative updates for the level set functions with the goal to minimize a given least squares data misfit functional. In particular, the proposed method is capable of creating new holes inside the design domain, which makes the final design independent of Experimental results demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed technique.

K. Grayaa, "Microwave Imaging of Dielectric Cylinders Using Level Set Method and Conjugate Gradient Algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 23, 195-205, 2012.

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