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By A. Azari, Z. H. Firouzeh, and A. Zeidaabadi-Nezhad

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In this paper, different causal sub-domain temporal basis functions are investigated to make the explicit marching-on-in time schemes converge and stable for solving two dimensional time domain EFIE. PEC cylinders with arbitrary cross section are illuminated by a TE-polarized Gaussian plane wave. Two different approximations are used for calculation of the singular elements of the impedance matrix analytically. In the Time Domain Method of Moment (TD-MoM) formulation of the Electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE) of the problem, the free-space two-dimensional Green's function and triangular spatial basis function are used. By employing Galerkin's method in spatial domain and point matching in time domain, all time convolution integrals and self-terms are evaluated analytically to increase the accuracy and stability of the proposed technique. The stability and efficiency of the new technique are confirmed by comparison with literature.

A. Azari, Z. H. Firouzeh, and A. Zeidaabadi-Nezhad, "Survey of Temporal Basis Functions for Transient Scattering by Conducting Cylinders Using TD-EFIE Formulation-TE Case," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 35, 121-131, 2014.

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