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By J.-H. Jung, K.-T. Kim, S.-H. Kim, and S.-H. Park

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Micro-Doppler (MD) caused by the motion of the ballistic missile can contribute to successful recognition of the ballistic missile. Considering the real observation scenario. This paper proposes a method to derive the MD image of the ballistic missile by applying the range-Doppler algorithm (RDA) based on the real flight scenario and analyzes the factor for the real-time MD imaging. Simulation results using the flight trajectory constructed using the real target parameter demonstrate that we need a new cost function for phase adjustment and a new method for range alignment. In addition, matched-filtering needs to be performed in the baseband, and a sufficient PRF is required to prevent discontinuity of the MD image. Dechirping of MD and filtering of the random movement are also needed for a clear MD image.

J.-H. Jung, K.-T. Kim, S.-H. Kim, and S.-H. Park, "Micro-Doppler Extraction and Analysis of the Ballistic Missile Using RDA Based on the Real Flight Scenario," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 37, 83-93, 2014.

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