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By R. Kaur, G. D. Aul, and V. Chawla

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Agricultural waste is produced at agricultural premises as a result of an agricultural activity. Agriculture residue is made up of organic compounds from the living plants like rice straw, oil palm empty fruit bunch, sugarcane bagasse, coconut shell, banana leaves and others. This research has highlighted their eco-friendly nature and high microwave absorption properties, developing a new and improved form of pyramidal absorbers including high carbon content coal in it. Software simulation is done using CST Microwave studio. Samples are developed using a new technique by adding cobalt as an accelerator, and its performance is analyzed in terms of its reflection loss performance using free space measurement method in the frequency range of 8.2 to 12.4 GHz.

R. Kaur, G. D. Aul, and V. Chawla, "Improved Reflection Loss Performance of Dried Banana Leaves Pyramidal Microwave Absorbers by Coal for Application in Anechoic Chambers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 43, 157-164, 2015.

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