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Calculation of the Image of Extended Objects Placed Behind Metamaterial Slabs

By Arnold Kalvach and Zsolt Szabo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 47, 111-120, 2016


The image produced by metamaterial slabs is discussed in a number of papers in terms of the electromagnetic field distribution. In this paper a procedure is proposed to efficiently calculate the image of an extended object placed behind a metamaterial slab as it will be seen by an observer - which can greatly differ from the image formed by the intensity maxima. The first step of the procedure retrieves the dispersion relation of a periodic metamaterial slab from the S parameters calculated with full wave electromagnetic simulation of the unit cell. The second step of the procedure utilizes the retrieved dispersion relation in the transfer matrix method to calculate the image of a point source placed behind the metamaterial slab as a function of the observation angle. Knowing the image distance of the point source for all observation angles, the image of an extended object can be efficiently calculated. The procedure is demonstrated with a Fishnet type metamaterial.


Arnold Kalvach and Zsolt Szabo, "Calculation of the Image of Extended Objects Placed Behind Metamaterial Slabs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 47, 111-120, 2016.


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