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By R. Agrawal, P. Belwal, M. Singh, and S. C. Gupta

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A planar substrate integrated waveguide leaky wave antenna with cross slots is proposed in the frequency range of 10 GHz-15.5 GHz. Moreover, the symmetrical version of the structure is designed and analyzed in terms of the simulated S parameters and E field distribution which shows the existence of the open stopband in the frequency range (12.91 GHz-14 GHz), consequently degrading the radiation beam at broadside. Therefore, asymmetry is introduced in the unit cell design with respect to the position of the cross slots to achieve the continuous beam scanning in the desired frequency range. Unit cell is analyzed with the help of dispersion relation and Bloch impedance for predicting the beam scanning and matching of the proposed LWA respectively. This leaky TL is fabricated by the standard printed-circuit board process. Measured results are almost consistent with the simulation ones with a continuous beam scanning from of -40° to 16° with gain varying from 8.5 dBi to 11 dBi.

R. Agrawal, P. Belwal, M. Singh, and S. C. Gupta, "Continuous Beam Scanning in Substrate Integrated Waveguide Leaky Wave Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 62, 19-28, 2017.

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