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By P. Yu, J. Cheng, and J. Zhang

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Underwater electric field is an important source of exposure for warship targets, so we try to track the ship's movement by measuring its underwater electric field in this paper. Considering the nonlinear distribution characteristics of underwater electric field, the unscented particle filter method is applied for tracking. First, the equivalent electric field model based on point-electrodes methods is studied. Second, the equivalent electric field model of a scaled ship is used as the electric field source, and the source's movement is tracked by measuring the three components of the underwater electric field induced by the source. To meet the requirements of mine applications,only one measuring node is used in the tracking process. Thenumerical simulation result shows that the target can be tracked stably within 200 meters of the measuring node. Finally, a sea trail experiment is carried out to examine the effectiveness of this method. In this experiment, the electric field source is composed by two graphite electrodes, and only the horizontal components of underwater electric field are measured. The results show that the tracking performance is good within 150 m of the measuring node.

P. Yu, J. Cheng, and J. Zhang, "Ship Target Tracking Using Underwater Electric Field," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 86, 49-57, 2019.


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