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Printed Multiband Monopole Antenna for Smart Energy Meter/WLAN/WiMAX Applications

By Hitesh Patel and Trushit K. Upadhyaya
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 89, 43-51, 2020


The proposed antenna structure is excited for multiple operational modes by means of meandered strips. The compact planar monopole antenna is demanded enormously for handheld devices especially automatic meter reading and tablet devices. Due to Chu limit, it is extremely vital to miniaturize an antenna by balancing tradeoff between bandwidth and radiation efficiency. The designed antenna is formed by two interconnected broad monopole open slots which covers multi-bands for smart energy meter and tablet computer applications. The cost effective FR4 laminate of size 50 x 200 mm2 (0.4λ x 1.6λ) is employed to match standard tablet computer communication module dimensions. The impedance bandwidth, for all excited resonant modes, is above typical requirement of 2%, and the VSWR is well below the necessary requirement of 1.5. The peak gain ranges from 0.94 dBi to 1.92 dBi. Radiation patterns along with other antenna parameters are satisfactorily meeting the demand of Wireless Energy Meter and Tablet Devices. The effects of varying dimensions of a monopole on the radiation characteristics have also been presented. The return loss and radiation patterns computed through simulations are validated through experimental measurements in an anechoic chamber environment.


Hitesh Patel and Trushit K. Upadhyaya, "Printed Multiband Monopole Antenna for Smart Energy Meter/WLAN/WiMAX Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 89, 43-51, 2020.


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