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Analysis of Guided and Leaky TM0n and TE0n Modes in Circular Dielectric Waveguide

By Siming Yang and Ji-Ming Song
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 66, 143-156, 2016


Guided and leaky modes for a circular dielectric rod are analyzed in detail in this paper. By considering the field distributions, these modes are well defined and classified. The relations for the mode solutions using different types of special functions and Riemann sheets are figured out. Further, completed forms of characteristic equations used to solve different modes are presented explicitly. Asymptotic expansion method and Lambert W function are employed to derive the initial guesses around cutoff frequency, low frequency limit and high frequency limit for both TM and TE cases. The behaviors of complex transverse attenuation constants for proper and two types of improper modes with different cases are presented with some modes not shown in literatures.


Siming Yang and Ji-Ming Song, "Analysis of Guided and Leaky TM0n and TE0n Modes in Circular Dielectric Waveguide," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 66, 143-156, 2016.


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