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Error Analysis of a Two-Layer Method for the Electromagnetic Characterization of Conductor-Backed Absorbing Material Using an Open-Ended Waveguide Probe
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 26, 1-21, 2010
A two-layer nondestructive method for characterizing the electric and magnetic properties of lossy conductor-backed magnetic materials using a flanged rectangular-waveguide probe is examined. The two reflection measurements necessary to determine both permittivity and permeability are made by first applying the probe to the material under test and then applying the probe to a knownmaterial layer placed on top of the material under test. The theoretical reflection coefficient is obtained using a rigorous full-wave solution, and an extrapolation scheme is used to minimize the error due to truncating the modal expansion of the waveguide fields. An error analysis is performed to compare the performance of the technique to the two-thickness method, which utilizes two different thicknesses of the material under test. The properties of the known material layer that result in the least error due to network analyzer uncertainty are determined. The sensitivity of the two-layer method is also explored and discussed.
Gary Dester, Edward J. Rothwell, Michael John Havrilla, and Milo Hyde IV, "Error Analysis of a Two-Layer Method for the Electromagnetic Characterization of Conductor-Backed Absorbing Material Using an Open-Ended Waveguide Probe," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 26, 1-21, 2010.

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