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Reliable Simulation-Driven Design Optimization of Microwave Structures Using Manifold Mapping
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 26, 361-382, 2010
A computationally efficient surrogate-based framework for reliable simulation-driven design optimization of microwave structures is described. The key component of our algorithm is manifold mapping, a response correction technique that aligns the coarse model (computationally cheap representation of the structure under consideration) with the accurate but CPU-intensive (fine) model of the optimized device. The parameters of the manifold mapping surrogate are explicitly calculated based on the fine model data accumulated during the optimization process. Also, manifold mapping does not use any extractable parameters, which makes it easy to implement. Robustness and excellent convergence properties of the proposed algorithm are demonstrated through the design of several microwave devices including microstrip filters and a planar antenna.
Slawomir Koziel, and David Echeverría Ciaurri, "Reliable Simulation-Driven Design Optimization of Microwave Structures Using Manifold Mapping," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 26, 361-382, 2010.

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