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Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation in Nonlocal Metamaterials --- Part II: Applications
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 89, 87-109, 2020
We deploy the general momentum space theory developed in Part I in order to explore nonlocal radiating systems utilizing isotropic spatially-dispersive metamaterials. The frequency-dependent angular radiation power density is derived for both transverse and longitudinal external sources, providing detailed expressions for some special but important cases like time-harmonic- and rectangular-pulse-excited small dipoles embedded into such isotropic metamaterial domains. The fundamental properties of dispersion and radiation functions for some of these domains are developed in examples illustrating the features in nonlocal radiation phenomena, including differences in bandwidth and directivity performance, novel virtual array effects, and others. In particular, we show that by a proper combination of transverse and longitudinal modes, it is possible to attain perfect isotropic radiators in domains excited by small sinusoidal dipoles. The directivity of a nonlocal small antenna is also shown to increase by possibly four times its value in conventional local domains if certain design conditions are met.
Said Mikki, "Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation in Nonlocal Metamaterials --- Part II: Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 89, 87-109, 2020.

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