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Time-Domain Distributed Parameters Transmission Line Model for Transient Analysis

By Luis de Andrade, Helder Leite, and Maria Teresa Ponce de Leao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 53, 25-46, 2013


This article describes a time-domain transmission line model based on distributed parameters for transient analysis. This model is based directly on the differential equations for the basic transmission line without any previous simplification. The solution presented here for these differential equations results in a more detailed time-domain model than others models currently in use, and with certain structural similarities with the distributed parameter frequency-domain model for long transmission lines. The deduction of a general time-domain transmission line model for fundamental frequencies parameters and single-phase line are presented in this article, but the model can also be extended to cases with multiconductor and frequency-depended parameters. In order to validate the model, a comparative test is presented to facilitate the analysis about the main similarities and differences between this and other models.


Luis de Andrade, Helder Leite, and Maria Teresa Ponce de Leao, "Time-Domain Distributed Parameters Transmission Line Model for Transient Analysis," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 53, 25-46, 2013.


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