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Effects of Chaotic Perturbation on a Periodic Gunn Oscillator

By Bishnu Charan Sarkar, Suvra Sarkar, Arun Kanti Guin, and Chaitali Koley
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 57, 13-24, 2015


We have studied dynamics of a periodic X-band Gunn oscillator (GO) forced by microwave chaotic signals through numerical simulation and by hardware experiment. The chaos used as forcing signal is generated in a periodically driven non-oscillatory GO. Numerical simulation results indicate that the forced periodic GO becomes chaotic for a moderate strength of forcing chaos. The generated chaos in driven GO is found to become phase or general synchronized to the forcing chaos depending on strength of the latter one. Hardware experiments are performed in X-band of microwave frequency. It shows generation of chaos in driven GO due to forcing. Moreover, synchronization between forcing and generated chaos is indirectly verified.


Bishnu Charan Sarkar, Suvra Sarkar, Arun Kanti Guin, and Chaitali Koley, "Effects of Chaotic Perturbation on a Periodic Gunn Oscillator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 57, 13-24, 2015.


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