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Reflective Metasurface for Vortex Wave Generating and Divergence Reducing in X-Band
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 87, 97-106, 2018
In this paper, a novel and simple solution for generating vortex electromagnetic wave and reducing divergence simultaneously in a wideband is presented. Based on phase gradient metasurface, we design a metasurface that can convert an ordinary electromagnetic wave into a vortex one and focus the vortex wave in X-band. Double layer rectangular metal patch units of different sizes are arranged in a certain order to compose the metasurface. The phase introduced by the metasurface is superimposed by the vortex phase and focusing phase. Compared to a general vortex wave metasurface, the simulation results show that the divergence of the reflected vortex wave generated by our designed metasurface is dramatically reduced in the frequency range from 8 GHz to 12 GHz. It is indicated that the designed metasurface has a highly efficient focusing effect, and it is also in a good agreement with the theoretical analysis. The proposed reflective metasurface paves an effective way to reduce the divergence of vortex electromagnetic wave for OAM-based system in microwave and radio frequency.
Xiaohang Dong, Hengyi Sun, Chang Qing Gu, Zhuo Li, Xinlei Chen, and Baijie Xu, "Reflective Metasurface for Vortex Wave Generating and Divergence Reducing in X-Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 87, 97-106, 2018.

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