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An Electrically Small Ultra-Wideband CPW-Fed Monopole Antenna
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 114, 159-172, 2021
An electrically small ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna to cater to the need for UWB communication suitable for today's small gadgets is presented. The antenna is realized on a substrate of relative dielectric permittivity 4.4, loss tangent 0.02 and height 1.6 mm. The overall dimension of the antenna is 21 mm×16 mm×1.6 mm (0.217λmin×0.165λmin×0.0165λmin), where λmin is the wavelength corresponding to the antenna's lowest operating frequency in free-space 3.1 GHz). The small `kmina' value of 0.856 of the antenna, where kmin is the wavenumber corresponding to λmin, and `a' is the radius of the sphere that can fully enclose the antenna, is electrically small. The antenna operates at the FCC recommended UWB frequency range from 3.1 GHz to 10.6 GHz with a reasonably good 2:1 voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) impedance bandwidth. A prototype of the proposed antenna is fabricated, and different radiation characteristics of the antenna in the frequency and time domain are measured and validated by simulation. The high pulse fidelity for different antenna orientations and very small group delay in the operating frequency band exhibit insignificant pulse distortion. The equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) of the antenna satisfies the FCC mask in the entire UWB. The maximum gain and efficiency achieved within the UWB are 3.95 dBi and 93% respectively. Radiation characteristics of the antenna in the UWB are studied in an anechoic chamber using Agilent PNA E 8362B.
Chaluvayalil Vinisha, Sruthi Dinesh, Rajan Vivek, Karavilavadakkethil Chellappan Prakash, Chandroth K. Aanandan, Kesavath Vasudevan, and Pezholil Mohanan, "An Electrically Small Ultra-Wideband CPW-Fed Monopole Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 114, 159-172, 2021.

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