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Simplified Dual-Frequency Wilkinson Power Divider with Enhanced Out-of-Band Performance for Millimeter-Wave Applications
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 114, 113-127, 2021
A dual-band Wilkinson power divider covering comprehensive frequency ratios with improved Out-of-Band rejection is proposed with the use of only a resistor. In millimeter-wave range, the established lumped element based design with a wide range of frequency ratio suffers from the nonexistence of tiny required values and the difficulties of integrating them in the proposed designs. To tackle some of the more common millimeter-wave frequency bands challenges, the RLC is substituted in the design by transmission lines and a single resistor. The design parameters and rules are derived theoretically using even/odd mode analysis, and it takes into consideration the Out-of-Band performance. For validation, three different dual-frequency bands are studied (5.8-28 GHz, 20-35 GHz, and 28-35 GHz). The simulated and experimental results exhibit all the advantages of the proposed Wilkinson power divider, succeeding in boosting multi-functional and multi-standard RF and mm-wave front-ends for communication systems.
Walid Zahra, and Tarek Djerafi, "Simplified Dual-Frequency Wilkinson Power Divider with Enhanced Out-of-Band Performance for Millimeter-Wave Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 114, 113-127, 2021.

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