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Radio-Propagation Measurement Based on a Low-Cost Software Defined Radio
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 101, 1-10, 2021
This article reports the development and test of a radio-propagation measurement system based on an 8-bit software-defined radio. Tests are performed in an urban area at the frequency of 733 MHz and compared with numerical prediction from the Altair WinProp commercial suite. The system is portable (1.2 kg), low-cost, based on non-proprietary open-source tools and has the capability of tracking the GPS coordinates of the measured points. Frequency limit of the system is bounded by the software-defined radio in use, and the limit of this present case spans 24 MHz to 1700 MHz. The integrated system does not need user intervention after its initial setup can be operated autonomously.
Marcelo Bender Perotoni, Felipe A. A. Silva, and Marcos S. Vieira, "Radio-Propagation Measurement Based on a Low-Cost Software Defined Radio," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 101, 1-10, 2021.

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