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Low Profile Wideband Polarization Rotation Reflective Metasurface
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 137, 39-51, 2023
A low profile metasurface, which rotates the polarisation of incident electromagnetic wave upon reflection, is presented in this study. The design, which works over a large bandwidth of 67%, is achieved by combining the effect of a circle and a triangle forming a unit cell. By proper modification, the array is found to be useful in RCS reduction over a broad frequency range. Unlike many earlier designs, this structure is of single layer and can be fabricated using standard process on a thin substrate which is inexpensive and easily available. The results are presented with simulation and experiment.
Karamkulambel Kunjappan Indhu, Abhilash Achariparambil, Paulbert Thomas, Ramakrishnan Anil Kumar, Deepti Das Krishna, and Aanandan Chandroth, "Low Profile Wideband Polarization Rotation Reflective Metasurface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 137, 39-51, 2023.

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