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Differential Wideband Antenna on Organic Substrate at 240 GHz with a Differential Wirebond Package
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 113, 35-42, 2023
This letter investigates a differential, planar and wideband antenna on a commercial organic printed circuit board (PCB) substrate at 240 GHz with a novel packaging concept to integrate massive monolithical integrated circuits (MMICs). The antenna utilizes multiple series resonators to achieve a bandwidth of 75 GHz around 240 GHz. A novel differential bond wire package solution from chip to antenna feeds the differential antenna from an on-chip Marchand balun. The fabrication of the antenna and interconnect are analyzed, and potential improvements for future works are highlighted. Measurement proves the function of the designed package, which is competitive to the state of the art.
Joachim Hebeler, and Thomas Zwick, "Differential Wideband Antenna on Organic Substrate at 240 GHz with a Differential Wirebond Package," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 113, 35-42, 2023.

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