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Partial Electrical Equivalent Circuits and Finite Difference Methods Coupling; Application to Eddy Currents Calculation for Conductive and Magnetic Thin Plates

By Saida Djemoui, Hicham Allag, Mohammed Chebout, and Houssem Rafik El-Hana Bouchekara
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 114, 83-96, 2021


This paper presents a new integro-differential coupling between partial equivalent electrical circuits (PEEC) and finite difference method (FDM) taking into account the magnetization effect. This coupling is intended for thin plates having simultaneously significant conductive and magnetic properties in presence of exciting coils of complex topologies. These cases exist in eddy current nondestructive testing (ECNDT), eddy current separation, induction or levitation melting devices and more other applications. The choice of FDM, is in relation with rectangular surfaces generated by numerical meshes leading to mathematical integrations of magnetic and electrical quantities with independent variables, unlike more complicated forms of surfaces generated by finite element method (FEM) or others. Fully successful analytical expressions have been realized and implemented in overall coupling process. The PEEC method is mainly used to calculate the magnetic field applied to the nodes of the plate from different inclined polygonal coils. The results of magnetic field and eddy current distributions on thin plates are presented, and parts of them are compared with those realized by Flux 3D software.


Saida Djemoui, Hicham Allag, Mohammed Chebout, and Houssem Rafik El-Hana Bouchekara, "Partial Electrical Equivalent Circuits and Finite Difference Methods Coupling; Application to Eddy Currents Calculation for Conductive and Magnetic Thin Plates," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 114, 83-96, 2021.


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