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Plane-Wave Synthesis for Compact Antenna Test Range by Feed Scanning

By Hui Wang, Jungang Miao, Jingshan Jiang, and Ruzheng Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 22, 245-258, 2012


The plane-wave synthesis is brought to the CATR. The feed scans in the focal plane and antenna pattern is measured several times in different feed positions. The corrected antenna pattern is obtained by weighting the measured patterns. The weight is obtained by the least squares method for the electric fields in the aperture plane of the test antenna. The fashion, number and spacing of feed scanning are investigated. By the plane-wave synthesis in the CATR, a larger antenna can be tested, and higher test accuracy can be obtained than that of the CATR. Lower test number and less test time are needed than the conventional plane-wave synthesis. The technique proposed in this paper is numerically investigated in an offset single paraboloid CATR and verified experimentally in a Cassegrain CATR at 100 GHz.


Hui Wang, Jungang Miao, Jingshan Jiang, and Ruzheng Wang, "Plane-Wave Synthesis for Compact Antenna Test Range by Feed Scanning," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 22, 245-258, 2012.


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