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Excitation of Ion Azimuthal Surface Modes in a Magnetized Plasma by Annular Flow of Light Ions

By Igor O. Girka, Volodymyr Girka, and Ivan Viktorovych Pavlenko
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 21, 267-278, 2011


The excitation of ion azimuthal surface oscillations with extraordinary polarization by light ion beam is studied analytically. Beam-plasma system consists of a cylindrical metal waveguide filled partially by cold magnetized plasma and light ion flow rotating around the plasma column. Dependencies of the beam instability growth rate on the system parameters (plasma and beam densities, value of the external axial magnetic field, radius of the plasma column, width of the gap between the plasma column and the waveguide wall, absolute value and sign of the azimuthal wave number) are analyzed numerically.


Igor O. Girka, Volodymyr Girka, and Ivan Viktorovych Pavlenko, "Excitation of Ion Azimuthal Surface Modes in a Magnetized Plasma by Annular Flow of Light Ions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 21, 267-278, 2011.


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