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Automatic Target Recognition Using Jet Engine Modulation and Time-Frequency Transform

By Sang-Hong Park
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 39, 151-159, 2014


We propose a method to recognize targets by using the signature of jet engine modulation (JEM) generated by the rotating blades in jet engines. The method combines time-frequency transform, 2-dimensional (2D) principal component analysis, and a nearest-neighbor classifier. In simulationsusing five propellers composed of isotropic point scatterers,the proposed method was insensitive to signal-to-noise SNR variation; this insensitivity wasa result of the effective 2D time-frequency feature and the noise suppression by the matchedfilter. In simulations using a reduced training database, the result was most sensitive to variation in the rotation velocity of the blades.


Sang-Hong Park, "Automatic Target Recognition Using Jet Engine Modulation and Time-Frequency Transform," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 39, 151-159, 2014.


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