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Design of Grounding Grid Conductor Positioning Device on the Magnetic Field Method

By Xiaokuo Kou, Manling Dong, Fan Yang, Sheng Han, Ke Zhang, Lei Guo, and Guojun Ding
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 67, 105-117, 2018


The location and topology of grounding grid conductors are necessary to corrosion diagnosis and digging in most cases. In this paper, an integrated detecting device for grounding conductor buried position is designed. Based on the principle of magnetic field method, a multi-layer cascade PCB hollow coil sensor is designed. AC excitation current source, 16-channel control circuit, lock-in amplifier (LIA) circuit and 4-channel synchronous acquisition circuit are realized. The experimental test is completed for the integrated detection device, and results verify the feasibility of the system.


Xiaokuo Kou, Manling Dong, Fan Yang, Sheng Han, Ke Zhang, Lei Guo, and Guojun Ding, "Design of Grounding Grid Conductor Positioning Device on the Magnetic Field Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 67, 105-117, 2018.


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