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Nonlinear Single Negative Metamaterials Based on Varactor Diodes

By Tuanhui Feng, Hongpei Han, and Limin Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 74, 25-32, 2018


In this paper, the nonlinear single negative metamaterials (NLSNM) based on the microstrip loaded with varactor diodes are investigated. It is found that the NLSNM, including nonlinear epsilon-negative metamaterial (NLENM) and nonlinear mu-negative metamaterial (NLMNM) can be realized by loading varactor diodes and chip inductors onto the microstrip, and their transmission gaps can be controlled conveniently by the signal power. In addition, the nonlinear property of the heterostructure constructed of NLMNM and epsilon-negative metamaterial (ENM) is also studied, and the results show that the transmission property, especially the transmittance of the tunneling peak of the NLMNM-ENM heterostructure can also be regulated by the signal power. The NLSNM may have important potential applications in the microwave switch controlled by the signal power.


Tuanhui Feng, Hongpei Han, and Limin Wang, "Nonlinear Single Negative Metamaterials Based on Varactor Diodes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 74, 25-32, 2018.


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