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Improvement of Resolution of Liquid Refractive Index Measurement Using Metallic Grating
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 85, 29-38, 2019
The excitation of surface plasmon on a metallic grating can be observed by varying the polar angle, accompanied by the absorption of incident light. The absorption occurs at a resonance angle which is sensitive to the refractive index of the liquid coated on the surface of the grating. As a result, an application in index sensing is developed. However, the sensitivity by varying the polar angle is almost at the same level as a conventional prism couple-based sensor through angular detection. In our new setup, we propose two methods to improve the sensitivity to refractive index change using an index sensor. Our first method is a slight modification of the conventional setup by varying the azimuth angle instead of the polar angle. Absorption of the incident is also observed while scanning the azimuth angle. The second method is to utilize phase detection to realize high resolution in finding the refractive index of liquids. In the phase detection, a good linearity is observed in the experimental results, with a resolution 10 times higher than that of a conventional setup.
Taikei Suyama, Zhaoxia Qian, Fenghui Shi, Hiroki Enomoto, and Akira Matsushima, "Improvement of Resolution of Liquid Refractive Index Measurement Using Metallic Grating," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 85, 29-38, 2019.

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