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Design of Flexible Passive Antenna Array on Kapton Substrate

By Yvon Georges Rabobason, Greg P. Rigas, Srijittra Swaisaenyakorn, Bobur Mirkhaydarov, Blaise Ravelo, Maxim Shkunov, Paul R. Young, and Nabil Benjelloun
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 63, 105-117, 2016


Recently, the RF/microwave electronic technology evolved with the consideration of plastic and organic substrates. Such a technology offers two-folded benefits: in one side for lowering the fabrication cost and in another side for the possibility to bend electronic devices. Such a technology is particularly interesting for the implementation of antenna system. This paper is dealing with the design of flexible microstrip antenna 1:2 array. Theoretical approach on the typically symmetrical antenna 1:2 array is proposed. The design methodology of microstrip antenna combined with 1:2 T-power divider (T-PWD) is described. Based on the transmission line theory, the S-parameter model of the antenna system with non-standard reference load is established. Then, the microstrip antenna passive system is theoretical analysed in function of the physical dimensions of the designed structure. The feasibility of the flexible antenna passive system is investigated with the proof-of-concept (POC) designed on Kapton substrate. The POC prototype consisted of microstrip antenna 1:2 array is designed to operate at about 5.8 GHz. Comparisons between the full wave simulated and measured return losses were performed. Then, simulated radiation pattern highlights the efficiency of the fabricated prototype of passive antenna array.


Yvon Georges Rabobason, Greg P. Rigas, Srijittra Swaisaenyakorn, Bobur Mirkhaydarov, Blaise Ravelo, Maxim Shkunov, Paul R. Young, and Nabil Benjelloun, "Design of Flexible Passive Antenna Array on Kapton Substrate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 63, 105-117, 2016.


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