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Dual-Band Polarization-Insensitive Metamaterial Inspired Microwave Absorber for LTE-Band Applications

By Kanwar Preet Kaur, Trushit K. Upadhyaya, and Merih Palandoken
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 91-100, 2017


In this paper, the design, simulation andmeasurementof a dual-band polarizationinsensitive metamaterial inspired microwave absorber are presented.The unit cell is composed of two concentric closed ring resonator(CRR) structures forming octagonal rings which arecarved on an FR-4 dielectric substrate to give maximum absorption at dual frequencies of 2.09 GHz and 2.54 GHz. At these frequencies, the minimum reflection coefficients of -29.15 dB and -18.76 dB are achieved with absorption rates of 99.88% and 98.67% andnarrow 10 dB bandwidths of 2.62% and 2.76%, respectively. Microwave absorption property of the proposed absorber structure is simulated by setting the perfect electric boundary conditions in four planes whose surface normal vectors are directed perpendicular to the wave propagation direction. These numerical computation settings replicate the rectangular waveguideto be used in the experimental measurements for the comparison between the simulated and experimental results. It is experimentally verifiedby the waveguide measurement method that the absorption rates about 99% are achieved for dual bands with polarization insensitivity, thereby meeting the absorption requirements of LTE-band frequenciesfor a real time microwave absorber based energy harvesting systems.


Kanwar Preet Kaur, Trushit K. Upadhyaya, and Merih Palandoken, "Dual-Band Polarization-Insensitive Metamaterial Inspired Microwave Absorber for LTE-Band Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 91-100, 2017.


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