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Research on Vessel and Chaff Echo Characteristics for Wideband Coherent Radar

By Bo Liu and Wenge Chang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 44, 145-159, 2013


To study effective anti-chaff jamming methods, this paper investigates the echo characteristics of the vessel and the chaff for missile-borne wideband coherent radars. Firstly, the echo model of the missile-borne wideband coherent LFM pulses radar is built, and the range-Doppler image of the echoes is derived. Based on the measured data, the differences of the echoes between the vessel and the chaff are analyzed. Then in terms of the spread feature and the energy evenness of the range-Doppler image, two features of the radar echoes are proposed to distinguish the vessel and chaff. Finally, statistical distributions of the two features are investigated, and we find that the proposed features can be used for chaff jamming identification and suppression.


Bo Liu and Wenge Chang, "Research on Vessel and Chaff Echo Characteristics for Wideband Coherent Radar," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 44, 145-159, 2013.


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