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A Coding Metasurface with Properties of Absorption and Diffusion for RCS Reduction

By Tong Han, Xiang-Yu Cao, Jun Gao, Yan-Long Zhao, and Yi Zhao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 75, 181-191, 2017


A low-radar cross section (RCS) coding metasurface (MS) with properties of absorption and diffusion for both normal and oblique incidences is proposed in this paper. The coding MS is composed of a miniaturized perfect metamaterial absorber (PMA) and a wideband artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) in a shared aperture. In addition, to avoid strong scattering energy appearing at specific directions, genetic algorithm (GA) is adopted to search the optimal layout of the two MS elements. Simulated and experimental results confirm the properties of coding MS and indicate the 6-dB RCS reduction bands under TE- and TM-polarized normal incident that waves are 6.28GHz-9.16GHz and 6.33GHz-9.41GHz, respectively.


Tong Han, Xiang-Yu Cao, Jun Gao, Yan-Long Zhao, and Yi Zhao, "A Coding Metasurface with Properties of Absorption and Diffusion for RCS Reduction," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 75, 181-191, 2017.


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