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Decoupling of Two Closely Located Dipoles by a Single Passive Scatterer for Ultra-High Field MRI

By Masoud Sharifian Mazraeh Mollaei, Sergei Alexandrovich Kurdjumov, Anna Hurshkainen, and Constantin Rufovich Simovski
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 164, 155-166, 2019


We report decoupling of two closely located resonant dipole antennas dedicated for ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We show that a scatterer slightly raised over the plane of antennas grants a sufficient decoupling even for antennas separated by very small gap (below 1/30 of the wavelength). We compare the operations of two decoupling scatterers. One of them is a shortcut resonant dipole, and the other is a split-loop resonator (SLR). Previously, we have shown that the SLR offers a wider operational band than the dipole and the same level of decoupling. However, it was so for an array in free space. The presence of the body phantom drastically changes the decoupling conditions. Moreover, the requirement to minimize the parasitic scattering from the decoupling element into the body makes the decoupling dipole much more advantageous than the SLR.


Masoud Sharifian Mazraeh Mollaei, Sergei Alexandrovich Kurdjumov, Anna Hurshkainen, and Constantin Rufovich Simovski, "Decoupling of Two Closely Located Dipoles by a Single Passive Scatterer for Ultra-High Field MRI," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 164, 155-166, 2019.


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