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Wideband X-Band Microstrip Butler Matrix
, Vol. 74, 131-140, 2007
This paper presents the design of a wideband X-band microstrip 4×4Butler matrix. The wideband performance of the Butler matrix means that it possesses equal coupling and difference of phases throughout the operating band. Design of the wideband components such as 3-branch branch line hybrid, crossover and Schiffman line phase shifter are presented in this paper. A final design of the Butler matrix is proposed. The Butler matrix exhibits couplings and phase errors within −6.7 ± 0.7 dB and 10 over a 20% bandwidth with a center frequency at 10 GHz.
Jun He, Bing-Zhong Wang, Qing-Qiang He, Yu-Xia Xing, and Zhong-Liang Yin, "Wideband X-Band Microstrip Butler Matrix," , Vol. 74, 131-140, 2007.

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