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Frequency Selective Structures with Stochastic Deviations
, Vol. 74, 141-155, 2007
This paper deals with the performance of frequency selective structures with defects. A frequency selective structure is in this case a periodic pattern of apertures in a conducting plate. The plate can be of arbitrary thickness. The defects can be due to deviations in the placing of the apertures, in the material parameters, or in the shape of the apertures. First, the perturbation to the farfield pattern from a deviation in one aperture is analyzed. It is then shown how this affects the mean scattered power from the structure. Numerical illustrations of the perturbed fields on the structure are given.
Anders Karlsson, Daniel Sjöberg, and Björn Widenberg, "Frequency Selective Structures with Stochastic Deviations," , Vol. 74, 141-155, 2007.

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