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Transient Analysis of Wire Structures Using Time Domain Integral Equation Method with Exact Matrix Elements
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 92, 281-298, 2009
A novel time-domain integral equation (TDIE) solver for transient analysis of conducting wires is proposed. It is formulated using the induced electric dipoles as unknown functions. The triangular and B-spline functions are employed as the spatial and temporal basis functions, respectively. By using these basis functions, the matrix elements are found obtainable via exact closed-form formulae, which furnish a robust scheme in terms of stability and accuracy. In addition, to accelerate the matrix filling, a recursive algorithm is introduced. Numerical validations are provided by a dipole antenna, a V-shape antenna and a helical antenna.
Guai-Hong Zhang, Mingyao Xia, and Xiao-Min Jiang, "Transient Analysis of Wire Structures Using Time Domain Integral Equation Method with Exact Matrix Elements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 92, 281-298, 2009.

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