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Far Field Imaging Research Based on Multilayer Positive- and Negative-Refractive-Index Media Under off -Axis Illumination
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 98, 283-298, 2009
In this work, a far field imaging model based on the array structure of positive- and negative-refractive-index media and modulation subwavelength-gratings is firstly presented and is named as the multilayer far field superlens (MLFSL). This new lens is capable of producing optical images by enhancing evanescent waves to the far field. The principle of MLFSL is discussed in detail, and the necessary and sufficient condition for designing MLFSL is obtained. Simultaneously, off-axis illumination technology is introduced to MLFSL system to further improve super-resolution, and the transfer matrix which contains the incidence angles is obtained. The results demonstrate that, compared with other far field superlens, the subwavelength resolution of MLFSL has been enhanced. Such remarkable imaging capability of MLFSL promises new potential for nanoscale imaging and lithography.
Pengfei Cao, Xiaoping Zhang, Lin Cheng, and Qingqing Meng, "Far Field Imaging Research Based on Multilayer Positive- and Negative-Refractive-Index Media Under off -Axis Illumination," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 98, 283-298, 2009.

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