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Polarization-Tunable Negative OR Positive Refraction in Self-Complementariness-Based Extraordinary Transmission Prism
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 103, 101-114, 2010
Here we report a prism made of stacked quasi-selfcomplementary extraordinary transmission surfaces which allows simultaneously left- and right-handed propagation within the V-band for vertical and horizontal polarizations, respectively and righthanded propagation within the W-band for both polarizations. The numerical dispersion diagram of the infinite structure and effective indexes of refraction retrieved from S-parameters under normal incidence together with the finite integration time domain simulations predict single negative and double positive birefringence. The unusual type of birefringence single negative and regular double positive birefringence are afterwards demonstrated experimentally at the millimeter-waves (V- and W-bands) by the wedge experiment which lets us check, using a straightforward geometrical method, the refraction of each component. The effective index of refraction is retrieved via the Snell's law and compared to those obtained through the dispersion diagram and the retrieval method from S-parameters computed with the commercial software CST Microwave StudioTMTM.
Miguel Navarro-Cia, Miguel Beruete, Francisco J. Falcone, Mario Sorolla Ayza, and Igor Campillo, "Polarization-Tunable Negative OR Positive Refraction in Self-Complementariness-Based Extraordinary Transmission Prism," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 103, 101-114, 2010.

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