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Inexpensive and Easy Fabrication of Multi-Mode Tapered Dielectric Circular Probes at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 126, 237-254, 2012
Tapered dielectric fibers are widely used in the near field microscopy to focus the incident beam or collect near field signal. Single mode is always required so that the geometrical dimension of the waveguide is smaller than the wavelength. This paper proposes an inexpensive and easy fabrication of multimode tapered Teflon probe which has bigger dimensions than the wavelength. The field distribution in and outside the probe is analyzed by the total internal reflection theorem and solid core circular dielectric waveguide theory. Simulations are carried out in Microwave Studio CST. Novel applications based on focal points in and outside the probe are discussed, especially dielectric permittivity sensing of biomolecules using a capillary tube is emphasized by the simulations and experiments.
Bin Zhu, Johan Stiens, Vladimir Matvejev, and Roger Vounckx, "Inexpensive and Easy Fabrication of Multi-Mode Tapered Dielectric Circular Probes at Millimeter Wave Frequencies," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 126, 237-254, 2012.

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