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Interferometric Time Reversal MUSIC for Small Scatterer Localization
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 131, 243-258, 2012
The problem of localizing small scatterers (in terms of wavelength) by Time Reversal-MUSIC (TR-MUSIC) algorithm is addressed. In particular, we focus on uniqueness problems that might arise for certain far zone configurations when noise corrupts data. These lead to reconstructions affected by ghost targets from which it is difficult to discern actual targets. In order to remedy such a drawback, data obtained at multiple frequencies are employed. In detail, a new multi-frequency version of TR-MUSIC is introduced. It consists in mixing reconstructions obtained at different frequencies. Numerical analysis shows that this method outperforms classical TR-MUSIC as well as its multi-frequency implementation already present in literature.
Raffaele Solimene, Angela Dell'Aversano, and Giovanni Leone, "Interferometric Time Reversal MUSIC for Small Scatterer Localization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 131, 243-258, 2012.

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