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An Ultra-Compact and Reproducible Fiber Tip Michelson Interferometer for High-Temperature Sensing (Invited)
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 172, 89-99, 2021
An ultra-compact fiber tip Michelson interferometer (MI), primarily aimed for a reproducible and stable high-temperature sensing probe, is developed and demonstrated. Both single-mode fiber (SMF) and polarization maintaining fiber (PMF) are considered and compared. The tip MI is fabricated by only using a one-step partial-polishing technique, which forms a half oblique and half vertical end face and functions as a beam splitter. A wide spectra analysis proved that the interferometer has an optical path difference (OPD) that is consistent across samples. When the lead-in fiber suffers from bending or twisting, the interference spectrum for the PMF case is more stable than that for the SMF case. Experimental results show a linear average temperature sensitivity of 15.15 pm/˚C in the range of 100˚C to 1000˚C for three tested PMF samples, and the difference between the sensitivities of the samples is less than 4.0%. The ease of fabrication, highly compact structure, reproducibility, and excellent resistance to mechanical disturbance performance suggest that the proposed PMF tip MI is highly promising as a high temperature sensing probe with high spatial resolution.
Xun Wu, Shengnan Wu, Xiaolu Chen, Huaguan Lin, Erik Forsberg, and Sailing He, "An Ultra-Compact and Reproducible Fiber Tip Michelson Interferometer for High-Temperature Sensing (Invited)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 172, 89-99, 2021.

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