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Vector Circuit Theory for Spatially Dispersive Uniaxial Magneto-Dielectric Slabs
, Vol. 63, 279-294, 2006
We present a general dyadic vector circuit formalism, applicable for uniaxial magneto-dielectric slabs, with strong spatial dispersion explicitly taken into account. This formalism extends the vector circuit theory, previously introduced only for isotropic and chiral slabs. Here we assume that the problem geometry imposes strong spatial dispersion only in the plane, parallel to the slab interfaces. The difference arising from taking into account spatial dispersion along the normal to the interface is briefly discussed. We derive general dyadic impedance and admittance matrices, and calculate corresponding transmission and reflection coefficients for arbitrary plane wave incidence. As a practical example, we consider a metamaterial slab built of conducting wires and split-ring resonators, and show that neglecting spatial dispersion and uniaxial nature in this structure leads to dramatic errors in calculation of transmission characteristics.
Pekka M. T. Ikonen, Mikhail Lapine, Igor Nefedov, and Sergei Tretyakov, "Vector Circuit Theory for Spatially Dispersive Uniaxial Magneto-Dielectric Slabs," , Vol. 63, 279-294, 2006.

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