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Tunable Periodic Microstrip Structure on GaAs Wafer
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 1-10, 2009
A one dimensional tunable periodic structure in microstip technology on gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrate is numerically investigated. The unit cell contains a number of patches positioned between the ground plane and the microstrip line. The patches, representing reactive loads, can be selectively short-circuited by externally-ontrolled FET switches integrated in the hosting substrate. The possibility of controlling the position of the band-gap, and implicitly the value of the effective dielectric constant along the line, for different combinations of the switches is demonstrated.
Ladislau Matekovits, Michale Heimlich, and Karu P. Esselle, "Tunable Periodic Microstrip Structure on GaAs Wafer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 1-10, 2009.

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