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A Family of Ultra-Thin, Polarization-Insensitive, Multi-Band, Highly Absorbing Metamaterial Structures
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 136, 579-594, 2013
The systematic design of size-confined, polarization-independent metamaterial absorbers that operate in the microwave regime is presented in this paper. The novel unit cell is additionally implemented to create efficient multi-band and broadband structures by exploiting the scalability property of metamaterials. Numerical simulations along with experimental results from fabricated prototypes verify the highly absorptive performance of the devices, so developed. Moreover, a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis is provided in order to attain a more intuitive and sound physical interpretation of the underlying absorption mechanism. The assets of the proposed concept, applied to the design of different patterns, appear to be potentially instructive for various EMI/EMC configurations.
Theofano M. Kollatou, Alexandros I. Dimitriadis, Stylianos Assimonis, Nikolaos V. Kantartzis, and Christos S. Antonopoulos, "A Family of Ultra-Thin, Polarization-Insensitive, Multi-Band, Highly Absorbing Metamaterial Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 136, 579-594, 2013.

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